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Emmaville Performance Horses Christmas Showjumping Competition

Our Emmaville Performance Horses team and Forest Park Riding School ran a Christmas Showjumping Competition on December 20 2015! It was a fantastic day and it was great to see so many riders doing some great rounds in the jumping ring. It was great to watch all classes and we saw some great improvement in riders over the day. It was fantastic to see many of our Emmaville clients competing over very bright gear and competitive courses. We believe that you all have improved a lot with your riding and how your horses are going. So many of you work so hard every day with your horses and it is wonderful to see all of your hard work is paying off. Well done!

A huge thank you must go to the wonderful helpers before, on and after the day. It is you who made it possible to run this show and without you, it would not have been possible. On such a hot day (nearly 40 degrees) all of our helpers (whether that be pole pickers, course builders, marshalls, judges, pencilers, runners, grooms, administrative help, our staff who helped build jumps and paint, and so many more to name!!) your help was amazing and you really did a fantastic job! Thank you also to those who helped before and after with set up/pack up, we really appreciate it. We hope that you have had some time to re-hydrate again and get some well deserved rest in some air conditioning! Thank you also to the hard workers in the canteen - your delicious food and drinks were definitely needed on the day! It was great to see our course built with our Emmaville/Forest Park Jumps - many of which have just received a face lift for the day!

Thank you to our sponsors for your support of our competition! You are all very generous and we are very appreciative for your support! Thank you Barastoc feed, Horseland Canberra, Horsezone, Anytime Fitness Weston and Woodshield. We had some fantastic prizes for our winners and place getters down to 5th! Thank you very much. Thank you to all riders and families who joined us yesterday! Showjumping is very important to our family and we run these competitions as we love the sport so much and it brings us joy to see you all improving in showjumping, having fun and learning along the way! It was such a hot day and you all did fantastic! We are planning another day in late January so we hope that you can join us again then.

Thank you all for your continued support. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that you and your four legged friends have a safe New Year.

More photos will be uploaded soon.

Thank you,

The Emmaville Team/The Hughes Family - Grant, Heather, Emma and Alyssa.

Congratulations to winners and place getters! Here are the results for all classes:

Class 1 - 60cm-65cm Am7

1st Annabel Cusack & Merry 2nd Siobhan Livanes & Living it up

3rd Jatelyn Staples & Kiara 4th Elizabeth Alfonzo & Molly 5th Katelyn Staples and Summer

Class 2 - 75cm-80cm Am7 1st Elizabeth Alfonzo & Molly 2nd Sarah Dreverman & Rainwood Park Mel 3rd Heidi Staples & Gladys 4th Ana Livanes & Emmaville Delta

5th Ana Livanes & Wakoda Color Trail

Class 3 - 90cm-95cm Am7

1st Ces Staples & Icecream

2nd Chole Carrathers & Tiger

3rd Alyssa Wilson & Emmaville Dana

4th Grant Hughes & Emmaville Prince

5th Sam Brownley & Billy Boo

Class 4 - 1.05m - 1.10m Am7

1st Ces Staples & Spot

2nd Sarah Davies & Sam

3rd Sharyn Reid & Mystic Ego

4th Alan West & Where's My Sock

5th Sharyn Reid & Mystic Roy

Class 5 -1.15m-1.20m Am5 1st Grant Hughes & Emmaville Define

2nd Sarah Dreverman & Emmaville Junior

3rd Kristle Cross & Emmaville Decaprio

4th Ces Staples & Spot

5th Grant Hughes & Emmaville Charisma

Class 6 -1.25m-1.35m Am5

1st Grant Hughes & Blackall Park Atlantis

2nd Amanda Leyshan & Viva Luna

3rd Amanda Leyshan & Viva Unique

4th Grant Hughes & Yakity Yak

5th Michael Cross & Little Bear

Class 7 - 6 Bar

1st Sharyn Reid

2nd Sarah Davies

3rd Elizabeth Alfonzo

=4th Sam Brownlie

=4th Vicki Brownlie

=4th Alyssa Hughes

Congratulations Riders!

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