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NSW Country Championships Wagga Wagga 2016

Our Emmaville team had a great time at the NSW Country Championships at Wagga Wagga 2016. We loved the facilities and the great surface to jump on in the main arena.

We took a team of horses and were happy with every one of them in the ring. Our horses did some fantastic rounds over tough courses and we came home with a few wins and placings including 1st and 2nd on the first day of competition in the first round of the Championship class on Emmaville Define and Yakity Yak. Emmaville Charisma also came home with a few placings. Grant also rode our young thoroughbred Emmaville Valencia at his first show.

Alyssa also enjoyed the jumping on Emmaville Pine and competed in the main ring in the 1.05m-1.10m class with success. It was also great to see so many Emmaville clients and staff competing at the show. We are very happy to see you all improving and competing with great sportsmanship and supporting one another. We must thank our clients for their ongoing support. Thank you to our staff who helped us with our team.

Thank you to the Riverina Equestrian Association for running such a wonderful show!

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